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Happy Easter Indeed! Super Bowl XLII Is Being Shown Today So The Giants Released The Full Video Of Tom Coughlin's Speech To The Team The Night Before The Game

Oh hell yeah. This is exactly what I wanted to watch today. Might get a bit crazy with two TVs with no sports on and go Masters rewatch and this Super Bowl rewatch. That's just what happens when Coughlin has you ready to run through a wall. What a perfect speech the night before the Super Bowl. It sure seemed to work too! 

Hearing Coughlin talk about his personal experience too is just beautiful. I was alive for the 1990 Super Bowl but it's a faint memory, don't really remember it. Coughlin painting the picture of Norwood's miss, the coaches and the feelings of it all just turned this quarantine right around. Goosebumps on top of goosebumps. 

He even has a little Any Given Sunday in him with the 'we got 60 minutes to be world champions.' I'm shocked he didn't drop a line about inches and correlated all to life. Just a reminder to finish, finish, finish. Fight for every yard and remember we started the week as one. Now it's time to run through a wall before sitting directly on my couch at 3pm. 

PS: Never forget

PPS: I still miss you two-time Super Bowl MVP and Super Bowl champ Eli.