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One Year Ago Today Zach Johnson Had One Of The Most Memorable Moments In Masters History

Laugh out loud funny. Seriously one of the funniest clips to come from professional golf in a couple years. Zach 'The Needle' Johnson stepping up to the 13th hole at the Masters and whoops he accidentally hits the ball with his practice swing. I'm alos not kidding when I say it's one of the most memorable moments in Masters history. Not everything has to be positive to be memorable. Not everything has to be Tiger's chip on 16 or Larry Mize's chip on 11 or Bubba's hook shot outta the trees during a playoff. Things can be memorable for the wrong reasons and ZJ's practice swing is absolutely memorable for the wrong reasons. Although it didn't end up costing him in any way except maybe a good helping of embarrassment. I'll never forget that moment fo the rest of my life and neither will Zach. 

Also, this happened once upon a time so that helps