Dude Pours A Beer Using His Forehead

This is fake. Right? I mean…right??? Because I am fucking baffled right now. Breaks all the laws of physics. Defies gravity. And more importantly how the fuck would you ever discover that you can pour a beer using your forehead wrinkles??? How does that even start? How does one learn to hold shit with his head?

I don’t know much about this but I do know that it would be absolutely fucking awful to be this guy’s friend. Because you know he does this all the time. Every time you’re sitting around drinking beers you know this dude has to pour it with his head. Its like his party trick that you’ve probably seen 500 times. I remember when one of my buddies first learned you could make a ping pong palls hover in the air by holding it above your lips and blowing air upward. You know what I mean? Kid literally did it before every single beer pong shot. I used to want to punch him in the goddam neck. Thats like this dude pouring beers with his forehead. Can’t drink a beer without doing this. Its mystifying and I think this guy is a magical warlock but after like 10 times you probably hate this dude.