Lebron Fan Reacts To Carmelo Signing

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I’m done with the Carmelo criticism. I’m closing that chapter and moving on with a new positive outlook. I’ve made my thoughts on Carmelo very clear since day 1. I’m not his biggest fan and I’m not over the moon with this signing. But I am done with all the outlandish criticism of him. Especially from an ass clown Lebron James dick riding bandwagon fan making youtube videos with a crown on his head. The bottom line is Melo was doomed from the beginning. A free agent in his position is in such a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. If he left New York, he’s a traitor. He’s chasing rings and cant get the job done himself and trying to join forces with other stars to make super teams like the Heat did. If he stays put, he’s all about the money. He’s all about himself and doesn’t care about winning. From a fan and media perspective, he was screwed no matter where he went.

So lets all realize the double standard that existed with Carmelo and move on. Here’s here for the long haul now. He’s Phil’s centerpiece in an weakened eastern conference. He’s going to be a scoring champion several more times for the remainder of his contract and he’s going to be doing it in a Knicks uniform at the Garden. He’s one of the best Knicks in franchise history and the next 5 years, we’re going to embrace him. Many of you already did, many of us, including myself, weren’t sold. But if Phil Jackson thinks he can contend with him, then I do too.