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Vine Tasting - The Best Vines, GIFs and Gfycats From The Month Of June

Vine Magic on the diving board.

Rugby Streaker gets BUNDLED. Whiplash city 774361026230928305

Mentos Drunk Tank from Epic Meal Time

Crack Kid. I dont know why but I really hate this kid’s guts.

Lebron/Lance crampgate/ear blow mashup. The amount of Lance Stephenson photoshops mashups and memes was absolutely amazing. Watching that initially go viral and then go viral another couple times with different videos and GIFs was pretty wild. 

World Cup Sniper. Flopping at its finest.

Bartolo Colon Double. Like seeing Halley’s Comet. 

Heat Fans Bailing Early, a tradition unlike any other.

Yasiel Puig Go Kinkos! Dude needs Rosetta Stone in the baddest way  

Cubs Fan Decapitated By Foul Ball

50 Cent First Pitch Vines (probably the most viral vines of the month):

Cubs Scoreboard Operator Sleeping/Possibly Dead From Boredom

Pop trolls Lebron

Pres goes Mutombo On Smitty

California Chrome’s Owner Shits All Over His Wife

Indians Fan Mailing It In On The Drum

Soccer Bros Trading Shorts. I don’t care what soccer purists say, this is so fucking weird  


Psychopath with binoculars for her puppet

Kid Throws Hail Mary to himself

King Of Popcorn gives himself an Orville Redenbacher facial

LA Kings girl in heels smashes her face directly into the ice

Graduation Backflip goes horribly wrong.

Smoke runs on the field during College World Series. Gotta get naked first, babe.

Napoli/Wedding Crashers mashup after Nap called Tanaka an idiot celebrating his homerun

Sad face Tanaka after he literally could not comprehend giving up that home run to Nap

Luis Suarez goes Walking Dead for the third time, refuses to stop biting people

Big Cat nervous as all hell that he might not win $30,000 for doing absolutely nothing