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Dude Charged With Murder After Telling His Girlfriend They Were Being Attacked By A Bear And That She Should Jump Off A Cliff


NYDN – A Vermont man has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and arson after a drug-fueled incident that included a bear attack that never happened. Twenty-eight-year-old Lucas Gingras told police he urged his girlfriend to jump off a 70-foot cliff in Milton while they were under the influence of ecstasy because he believed a bear was trying to get into their cabin. But police say Gingras actually kicked 44-year-old Ladonna Merriman over the edge. Police also say he had spiked Merriman’s drink without her knowledge. Authorities say Gingras initially claimed a bear had attacked them and a camp stove got knocked over, setting the cabin on fire. But investigators say Gingras later said he set the fire himself. Gingras concocted the stories to cover up his plans to kill Merriman, authorities said. Gingras pleaded not guilty Wednesday. Merriman remains hospitalized.

Well I do declare this has gotta be the most elaborate murder coverup I’ve heard in a long time. A bear was trying to break into our cabin, knocked the stove over, set the cabin on fire, and my girlfriend jumped off the cliff trying to get to safety. Turns out this guy just did a bunch of ecstasy and pushed her off the edge himself. A+ for effort on the cover up story, F minus job at being a murderer, bro. Need something a little more concrete than Smokey The Bear starting a forest fire. Who’s gonna believe that shit? Can’t rely on Yogi Bear as your alibi. The key to a great lie is a lot of intricate detail but you gotta be able to keep all those details in order. The minute you go down the bear/fire/cliff/drugs avenue is the minute it starts unraveling.

PS – You gotta really hate your girlfriend to throw her off a cliff while you’re on ecstasy.