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Mexican Dude On A World Cup Cruise In Brazil Gets Drunk And Jumps Off The 15th Floor

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EL Universal – A Mexican citizen traveling aboard the MSC Divina cruise ship, carrying 3,500 Mexican fans of the World Cup in Brazil, fell overboard and his whereabouts are unknown, officials reported today. The Consulate of Mexico in Rio de Janeiro told Notimex that “a Mexican citizen who was aboardthe MSC Divina cruise ship fell into the sea after sailing from the city of Fortaleza in northern Brazilbound to the Port of Recife “. One of the passengers on the cruise said through his Twitter account “@husseinforzan: man threw himself voluntarily from the 15th floor while intoxicated.” The Coast Guard is working to find the missing person in the area where it is believed he fell into the water in northeastern Brazil.

Some people just can’t handle World Cup fever, man. Its like Vegas. Some people just can’t handle that town. People just get too excited and have so many vices right at their fingertips its just complete overload and they get swallowed up whole. Well I can’t even imagine the excitement of a drunk Mexican on a cruise to Brazil for the World Cup. Dude probably just hopped right off that boat knowing that was the peak of his life. I mean it doesn’t get any better than that for a Mexican guy right? Drunk, party cruise in Brazil, during the World Cup? Thats the pinnacle for that guy. He went out on top. Why even continue to live when you know its all downhill from there on out?

PS – The World Cup is genuinely insane. All sorts of deaths, intentional, unintentional, or otherwise. Riots, stampedes, stairways of death. Smokes, parties, cruises. Its just fucking outrageous.

PPS – How bout Hussein just casually live tweeting the drunken suicide of this poor bastard? Cold blooded.