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Saturday Night Good Deed - Can We Help This Fella Get Some Viewers On His Little Stream?

How's everyone's Saturday night going? Good? Bad? Well let's make all of our nights better. There's this guy doing a live stream on IG and hardly anyone is watching. It makes me kinda sad, to be honest. Like he's just trying to grind, find some new content to do while in quarantine, and is trying his best, but not many people are watching. And that's fine. It doesn't matter if it's 20 people or 20 million, the important thing is he's following orders and trying to create something new. So let's support him. Let's tell him it doesn't matter what the number of people says, we're here for him no matter what. So hey, let's all go over there and say hi. Let's support him. Let's get his numbers through the god damn roof. We believe in you!