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I Will Make It My Life's Mission To Be A Judge At This Potential Stew Leonard's/Shake Shack Burger Challenge

Oh my God. 

You know when something just feels right? Like when you fall in love or know you cooked your steak perfectly medium-rare. Yeah- that feeling. That's what I just felt reading this tweet from the icon that is Stew Leonard. Now if you're not from the Tri-State Area you may not know of Mr. Leonard & his chain of otherworldly supermarkets, but around these parts Stew is royalty and rightfully so.

Because there is no other grocery store like a Stew Leonard's. The man has singing animatronic animals throughout your journey. It's AWESOME. And notice I said journey...That's because it is a journey. That's right, Stew doesn't do aisles. This joint is a culinary journey with a one way ticket to Flavortown as you make stops in Dairy, Produce, Meats, Cheeses, and much much more. So yeah, if you can't tell I love Stew Leonard's.

And recently I've gotten big into the Shake Shack game.

I gave it to Dave on the last day before Quarantine began at around $33 it's been a monster since. Chillin like a villain at $44.75 over the weekend. Nonetheless I've been a big Shake Shack guy despite them spilling cheese all over my bag during my first lunch as an owner. Hope that's not how the Packers treat their owners at Lambeau. 

And then the Gods come down and put these 2 giants of the industry together. How did we get so lucky? On top of that Stew is looking for someone to judge alongside one of their Kansas Ranchers. Well, I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.

I mean there's not many things I'm perfect for in this life, but I genuinely think this may be one of them. I'm praying to God Uncle Stew feels the same way.