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Giant Rats Chowing Down At 8th Avenue Dunkin Donuts

Gothamist – It’s been a while since we had a good visceral reminder that every bite of food we welcome into the temple of our bodies has been christened by the tenderest of rat claws. Continuing in the proud tradition of the Rats Shock and Awe at the Taco Bell-KFCRats Frolicking in the Fairway Olive Bar and Rat Rodeo in the Vinny Vincenz Pizza Truck, we now have Rat “Goes to Town” and “Has Fun” in the croissants and assorted pastries in a Dunkin’ Donuts in the Garment District. This addition to the canon is short, but sweet.  YouTube user “Pjayone” uploaded the video on April 1st, and claims the footage was captured at the Dunkin’ Donuts at 37th Street and 8th Avenue. In an email, he elaborates, “At two-thirty [in the morning] every [day] the workers load the shelves with the mornings wares. Shortly thereafter like clockwork the rats come out and party.” Asked about rats at the establishment, an employee told us, “I haven’t seen anything like that,” and suggested we call back in the morning to speak with a manager. But for an added bonus, “Pjayone” has this outtake showing the rat in extreme closeup

America Runs On Dunkin, as does all the New York City vermin. Not gonna lie, this doesn’t faze me one bit. Like if you think I’d ever stop going to Dunkin Donuts because of this one video you are outside of your mind. I’ll march down to 37th and 8th and order a bowtie and a chocolate frosted right fucking now. I could see a rat nibbling on my exact donut and I don’t know if that would stop me. I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that every piece of food I’ve ever eaten in this city has come in contact with a rat or a pigeon or some sort of urban filth. It is what it is. Germs make you stronger.