KFC Radio: Opening Day AKA Peeing In The Pool Edition

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Back in the saddle after taking a week off during March Madness, the Holy Trinity of Fat is back with the original Google Hangout show on Barstool Sports. This was supposed to be about MLB Opening Day but it quickly degenerated into talking about peeing in pools and fucking your first grade science teacher. Thats the beauty of the Stoolie Voicemails show on KFC Radio. Nobody knows where any given episode is going. Not even me. Goddam free for all each and every week.

Everyone give a follow to KFC Radio intern/producer Conor AKA thedirtymick. @CSheeran7. You’ll notice that you’re able to actually hear the voicemails now because he’s the one doing the edit and splicing in the actual audio from the messages. So the quality of the show is about 500 times better now because we can actually hear you mutts. Keep calling the hotline 646-807-8665, leave your name/twitter/website/whatever, speak clearly, and now we’re all actually able to hear you.