DraftStreet Hockey Is Here Marking The One Year Anniversary Of Me Joining The Isles Bandwagon

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Last year we did a hockey tournament, and that marked the beginning of my tenure as an Isles fan. Decided to hop on the bandwagon to even out my life as a sports fan. You can’t be a Mets, Jets and Knicks fan without tossing in the Isles. So I drafted Tavares, he had like 2 or 3 goals, the Isles beat the Capitals on the road and bingo bango the wagon was rolling. Right through to the postseason and into a great series with the Pens.

Now we’re about a calendar year later and all four tires have blown out and I’m sitting on the side of the road with that piece of shit Garth Snow wondering where we went wrong.

So today, on the unofficial anniversary of me throwing myself into the Isles bonfire, and on my 29th birthday, I think I deserve to win $10,000. The rest of you suckers are playing for second place

$22 to enter

$40,000 in prizes

First place gets $10,000