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Introducing The World's Worst Tan Line

blog-stewart-cink-tan-line-thumb-470x389-109563 (1)

Golf DigestStewart Cink has been a British Open champion. He’s been credited with ushering in the Twitter age in golf. And now we can add the unofficial title of the game’s worst tan line to his resume.

Hands down the funniest thing you will see all day. Absolutely preposterous that Stewart Cink thinks its socially acceptable to be walking around with that head. Bro your dome looks like a two-toned easter egg! Looks like fucking Robo Cop or Darth Vader when his helmet comes off. Either keep that hat on or stick your head in the tanning booth, brotha. Because you look absolutely, completely, utterly ridiculous.

Shout out to my boy @AlexMyers3 for the tip. Dude once hit 46 free throws in a row at basketball practice.