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Pregame Duggs Mario Kart Battle At 6:30pm - Ria & Fran vs Smitty & Honk(me) Live On Twitch. Who Ya Got??

Watch live video from pardonmytake on

Lil pregame viewing before the world sits down and watches Coach Duggs battle against Syracuse at 7:30.

Ria & Fran from The Chicks And The Office Podcast & Group Chat Snapchat show


Who Ya got?

Personally im ready to crush Ria and Frans dreams, they play together everynight and think they really have a good thing going. They haven't played with the bright lights on yet and I fully expect me and Smitty to come out and dominate. 2v2 first team to win 3 Grand Prix races. Tune in at 6:30 and make sure you follow the PMT Twitch channel so you can live comment