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April 11th Workout - Core & Cardio

April 11 Weigh-in: 325 lbs

We're still putting in work on Saturdays boys! Sunday is gonna be my rest day but I still plan on going on a few mile walk. I'm officially at 325 and have lost 6 pounds since starting this journey Monday morning. Fat, skinny or somewhere between it doesn't matter we're all in this together. At the end of the day health is wealth. I always film my first set because I wanna document the routine and then focus fully on the workout itself but in the first set my form has sometimes been poor and then I've cleaned it up as the workout goes on. I'll try to lockdown my form better in the first set in the future. Here's today's workout:

20 Crunches x 4 sets

20 Reverse Crunches x 4 sets

20 Flutter kicks x 4 sets

20 Planks Rolls x 4 sets

20 Sitting Twists x 4 sets

20 Sitting Knee-to-Elbows x 4 sets 

20 Half-Wipers x 4 sets

30 Second One Arm Plank Hold (each side) x 4 sets

40 Flutter Kicks x 4 sets

2.5 Mile Walk/Jog