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Tons of International Diplomats Got A Computer Virus By Clicking A Link For Nude Photos Of The French First Lady

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Daily Mail - Nude pictures of former French first lady Carla Bruni were used to break in to the computer systems of dozens of diplomats, it emerged today. The shocking security breach was first discovered at the G20 summit in Paris in February 2011 and may be ongoing.  ‘To see naked pictures of Carla Bruni click here’ said a message sent to those attending, who included finance ministers and central bank representatives.  Ms Bruni, a former supermodel who became President Nicolas Sarkozy’s third wife in 2008, was well  known for taking her clothes off in her early career.  This prompted many to open an attachment which turned out to be a ‘Trojan Horse’ with an embedded virus, although all recipients could see were the X-rated photographs. Once accessed, it infected the computers of senior officials as well as forwarding the offensive email on to others. ‘Almost everybody who received the email took the bait,’ said a government source in Paris, saying that this included representatives from the Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary and Latvia. Mr Sarkozy was first embarrassed by nude pictures of Ms Bruni surfacing shortly after their marriage, while they were staying with the Queen at Windsor Castle during a state visit to Britain.  Ms Bruni, who still uses her maiden name in her career as a pop singer, later changed her image from a Paris sex kitten into a demure politician’s wife. The so-called phishing attacks are thought to have originated in China and were aimed at extracting information.  The attacks are still being investigated, and nobody is yet sure what information was extracted.  America is thought to have been the main target of the scam.

C’mon Diplomats. You’re better than this. How can we expect you to fix the world’s problems and broker international peace if you idiots can’t even recognize a computer virus? I can spot a Trojan Horse a mile away. They’re usually all over facebook with a picture of a chick’s ass and it says something like “You’ll never BELIEVE what she did next!” or “She never knew she was being filmed!” When I was just a young buck scouring the internet for anything and everything that could give me a boner, I’d click on those all the time. Little did I know that half the time they automatically post the save virus video link on your own wall. So everyone knew immediately you were the creeper who clicked wanting to “see what she did next!” Now, as a seasoned veteran of the internet, I can recognize these links a mile away. Don’t get me wrong, I still click on them. Its just now I immediately check to make sure I didn’t automatically post something that makes me look like an idiot.


Gotta love these high and mighty diplomats though. Probably regarded as some of the most intelligent well respected people on the planet. And yet here they are on their laptops at night trying to open up links to see the French First Lady naked. In a way it actually kinda reaffirms my faith in them. Like the fact that these guys aren’t patrolling youjizz and shit for the real hardcore perverted shit makes me think they are actually the right people for the job. For fuck’s sake, she used to willingly pose naked. Just google that shit! But these nerd diplomats don’t even know how to do that. Need a email chain sent to their AOL inbox to get their naked thumbnails. Just keep on doing whatever it is diplomats do, you squares.

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