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MTA Providing Late Notes For Employees To Give To Their Bosses


Daily Mail - Straphangers who are late for work or school can get an ‘excuse note’ from the New York City subway explaining to their boss or teacher the reason for their late arrival. The wintry weather often leads to delays on the roads and rails leading to frayed nerves of both workers and their superiors. Those delayed through no fault of their own can file an online delay verification form, akin to a transit doctor’s note. The transit agency will write back in about three weeks or so with a note detailing whether a delay occurred on a specific line at a particular time. Its usage has steadily increased with around 6,000 requests each month. Tardy individuals can also write or phone in their delays as well. The online form allows riders to get information on delays that happened within the past 90 days. If the delay dates back further than 90 days, a rider will have to submit a Freedom of Information Law request. ‘Those people who are more computer savvy or are more prone to use a computer are finding that it’s a service that’s easier to use and it’s also quicker,’ said Paul Fleuranges, the agency’s director of corporate communications told the New York Times. ‘We’d rather be at 100 percent on-time performance. But, nobody’s perfect.’

Oh yea this will definitely work. Definitely. Can’t imagine what place of employment or what boss wouldn’t accept a fake ass note from the MTA saying “Please excuse Steve from work there was train traffic.” This is something Feitelberg would try to pull. Send Portnoy an online link to a database that details every day there was traffic or something. See Pres! Back in October I was late because there was a fender bender on the highway! You’re not mad anymore right?” Not to mention I’m sure the MTA would never write you a note for all the real reasons. “To whom it may concern: please excuse Kevin’s tardiness, there was a naked homeless man pissing on the 6 train that cause delays.” “Please excuse Kevin’s lateness because a homeless man pushed another passenger on to the tracks to his death.”

That the shit you need to get off the hook. The only way you’re getting a pass for being late or not showing up is if there’s major, newsworthy delays that other coworkers get hit with too. Some shit where like entire trains worth of people are all gonna be late to work and the news is gonna talk about it. That is the fucking best. When you’re sitting on Metro North and they make an announcement that theres a broken down train or some shit blocking the way its like you’ve hit the fucking jackpot. You know anybody else you work with coming into the city is gonna be late too. Its all over TV and shit. You’ve basically got the perfect alibi. Don’t need to ask for the MTA to write you some fake ass doctor’s note because half the office is late too and you’re gonna see this shit on the 5 oclock news, boss! Times like that I used to show up way too late to work after getting breakfast and shit too. I’d blame it on the train even though other people I worked with were on the same exact train and made it in like an hour before me. Throw in a made up subway complication on top of the Metro North delay and you’re golden.