ESPN Releases Questionable QBU, RBU, And WRU Top 10 Lists

With no sports on, let's all come together and get fired up over this list. 

Some qualifiers before we start: this is only BCS through CFP era. Nothing else. I'd assume that we are only taking into account players college careers and maybe their draft position? Not sure how you would say otherwise when USC is #1 at QB. 


USC at #1....okay, fine. Palmer, Sanchez, Leinart, Darnold are all top 10 picks. I don't have to tell you USC QB struggles in the pros. I'll just leave that to Billy Football:


I like Oklahoma and Oregon at 2 & 3. 4-8 is whatever. I'd put FSU a little bit higher, ahead of Texas. You have 2 Heismans (Weinke & Jameis) plus a hell of a career from EJ Manuel. Auburn is a stretch just based on finding the third guy. Having Stidham in there doesn't help anybody. Also, Jason Campbell had one good season:

Would put Florida and OSU ahead of them for sure. 

Ohio State is too low. Behind Texas A&M? Really? Ryan Tannehill finished his career at A&M as a WR. Manziel is one of the GOATs, but the third guy is...Kellen Mond? Ohio State has had JT Barrett, Braxton Miller, Troy Smith, Dwayne Haskins (one of the most underrated seasons possibly ever), and now Justin Fields. They are in the conversation to be in the top 5. 

Forgotten: NC State (Phillip Rivers, Mike Glennon, Russell Wilson, Jacoby Brissett), Cal (Aaron Rodgers, Jared Goff). 


This list isn't awful, but I'm not sure how you forget: 

Georgia: Todd Gurley, Soney Michel, Nick Chubb, Knowshon Moreno, De'Andre Swift

Stanford: Toby Gerhart, Bryce Love, Christian McCaffrey, Stepfan Taylor

Other possibility:

Ohio State: Zeke, JK Dobbins, Carlos Hyde, Maurice Clarett

In BCS era, I'd go:

1. Bama

2. Wisconsin

3. Oklahoma

4. Miami

5. Georgia

6. Pitt

7. Texas

8. Ohio State

9. Stanford

10. LSU


This was the worst one, by far. 

We'll start with the obvious missing team: 

Clemson: Sammy Watkins, DeAndre Hopkins, Hunter Renfrow, Mike Williams, Tee Higgins, Justyn Ross. 

Them not being on, but Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida, and Florida State making the list is a CRIME. 

Alabama should be WAY higher. Possibly should be #1. 

USC at #1 was a big, fat NO from me. I get them in the top 10. At #1? Come on!

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. LSU

4. Ohio State

5. Oklahoma State

6. Oklahoma

7. USC

8. Notre Dame

9. Florida State

10. Georgia