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That's A Good Bit!

My first open mic was in 2001 at the Tempe Improv. I've always loved stand up. Both being on stage and watching it. I thought A solid idea is to feature a couple funny stand up comedians’ clips, daily. Since one of my all time favorite comedians is Jim  Florentine who just started working with Barstool, I am going with him today. The second comedian on todays blog is my buddy, Chris Distefano. His Letterman appearance and his 9/11 story kill me. 

Check them out! 

Here we Have Jim in 2008 onthe HBO show, "Down n Dirty with Jim Norton." 

Here is a bit Jim posted to His I.G last year. If you've ever been to a brutal open mic, this over the top shit will kill you. 


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Next up Chris Distefano

Chris posted this 9/11 story in Sept. of last year and its closing in on 2 million views. 

Then we have Chris on Letterman in 2013. 

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