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NYC Kid In The Finals For Master Chef Junior Reality Show


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NY Post - An eighth-grade Manhattan culinary enthusiast will duke it out in the finals of “MasterChef Junior” under the watchful eye of Gordon Ramsay, who’s swapped his F-bombs for encouragement on the Fox reality show. Alexander Weiss, 13, is one of two finalists vying for the $100,000 prize in Friday’s finale. He impressed show judges Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich early on with his complex dishes — including baking pistachio macarons with a vanilla bean dulce de leche filling for a dessert challenge. “To be able to pull those off, out of thin air — most chefs have issues in a professional kitchen doing that,” says Elliot. Alexander started cooking with his parents (mom Susie Kerr is a decorator, dad Mark Weiss is a photographer) at the age of 5 or 6, but his culinary skills — honed by thousands of hours hunting recipes online or watching the Food Network — long ago surpassed theirs. “Being in New York, the cultural capital of the country, the amount and breadth of restaurants, museums, music, all those things — to be in that town gives you an advantage for sure,” Elliot says.

I should probably like this kid because he’s repping NYC. I probably should support this kid because he’s just some 13 year old kid chasing his dream of being a professional chef.

But goddamit I hate his guts.

Its mostly because I hate foodies. Thats been very well documented on the blog before. If you’re a food snob I undoubtedly despise you. Judge me for drinking Bud Light and eating Cheesesteaks and Entenmann’s donuts and I hate you with the fire of a thousand suns. So yes, its partly that I just can’t stand the bougie chefs of the world that think you need to eat raw shit and put truffle on everything in order to be considered good food. If I want my steak cooked medium, then fucking cook it medium.

But I think I also personally hate this kid. Don’t know why. I hate his face. He reminds me of a kid who would break the rules in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory because he thinks he’s hot shit and does whatever he wants. Someone needs to bully this kid ASAP and knock him down a few pegs.