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RIP Giant George, The Worlds Tallest Dog

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Huff PoA gentle giant has gone to doggy heaven. Giant George was formerly the world’s tallest dog, according to Guinness World Records. With a staggering height of 43 inches, Giant George towered above most living things he came into contact with. Sadly, George passed away last Thursday, one month away from his eighth birthday.He was surrounded by loved ones, his owners said on his Facebook page. See our tribute to a beloved pup below. We’ll miss you, Giant George.

All dogs go to heaven, and I think we can all rest assured Giant George just strolled through the Pearly Gates and is about the fuck up Doggie Paradise. Quite literally Top Dog up in the Promised Land. I’d imagine heaven for GG is a bunch of girl dogs that are his size so that he can logistically have sex with them. So here’s to Giant George and his harem of chick dogs that are 40 inches tall. You earned it big man.