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Fitness Mom Who Posted A Picture Of Herself Asking Other Mom's "Whats Your Excuse?" Accused Of Fat Shaming

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Yahoo – A California fitness enthusiast and mother of three is defending a controversial photo of herself that has prompted a cavalcade of Facebook critics to accuse her of fat shaming women. In the photo, seen at left, 32-year-old Maria Kang poses in a workout bra and matching micro shorts — revealing an incredibly toned figure with washboard abs — while surrounded by her three young sons, now 1, 3 and 4. Floating above her head is the question, “What’s your excuse?” The picture has gone viral, with more than 16 million views onFacebook, and has generated more than 12,000 comments. And while much of the input has been of the supportive “you go, girl” variety, plenty of it has been made up of angry, offended personal attacks on the photo subject, calling her everything from “obnoxious” and “fake” to a bad mom and a bully. Kang, of Sacramento, California, is a former pageant queen and fitness competitor who founded the nonprofit Fitness Without Borders in 2007. She’s also a recovering bulimic. Kang says she understands why some people reacted so defensively. “I think people struggle with their weight,” she notes. “When you add on being a mother — and the pressures we face to have it all and be everything, including fit — the expectations are so high. I think some moms saw the picture and just said, ‘This is ridiculous.’” But still, she says, “I felt really frustrated. Being called a bad mother and a bad person definitely hurts.”

We’ve been through this before folks. Those who complain that fat people or sluts shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves are probably just fat sluts who don’t wanna change their behavior. Being fat or being slutty isn’t a good thing. So you should probably be ashamed of it. So when Mama Kang over here posts a picture of her self all shredded up even though she’s either been pregnant or popping kids out for the past 3 or 4 years asking fat people “Whats your excuse?” they should probably just be like “Oh fuck I don’t really have an excuse. Maybe I should be fat.” Instead of being like “You’re a bully! I’m fat and I can’t help it!”

Now admittedly Maria Kang is kind of cheating here because she has an eating disorder. Thats kinda like Mark McGwire back in ’99 asking the rest of the league “Whats you’re excuse for not hitting 60 home runs?” But whatever. At the end of the day, you don’t wanna be fat, you gotta do whatever’s necessary to be skinny. Work out 100 times a day or throw up after every meal – theres more than one way to skin a cat. Either get the job done or stop crying about bullying just because some chick has three kids and is hotter than you.