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Chick Standing On Top Of The Bar In Ocean City Getting The Full Service

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 10.27.10 AM

Peppers Tavern, Ocean City, Maryland! On a Tuesday night! I’m told they’re locally known for their Fish Tacos and clearly the are not fucking joking. Jiminy fuckin cricket.

I would love….LOVE….to know how this transpired. Was it a dare? Was it a bet? Did the dude just say “I wanna eat you out right now” and she agreed? Did the chick say “I want you to eat me out right now” and he agreed? I have so so so many questions about how something like this transpires. I mean most guys are happy to hit on a chick and get her number at the bar. How do you get some chick to stand up on the booth and basically sit on your face? Furthermore, would you even want that to happen? Like I’m all for closing the deal but some chick standing 10 feet in the air and putting her clit on my nose doesn’t even sound enjoyable. I’m not saying I’d say no. It looks like a pretty hot blonde with a sick body, and any time one of those asks you to do something sexual, you say yes. I’m just saying I think I might rather be homeboy in the bottom right corner of the picture. He got to experience a chick standing on the bar being eaten out without doing any of the seriously dirty work. I think its a pretty good rule of thumb these days that you’d rather be a witness to a viral video and not the subject of one, and I think this scene at Peppers Tavern is another shining example of that.

Bottom line is I need to get my ass down to Peppers Tavern. Any bar that lets that kind of activity carry on knows how to put asses in the seats. Its like when NHL refs let a hockey fight go. Except in this case is bartenders and bouncers that let a chick grind her pussy into some dude’s face like it was a Sybian vibrator. Its what the fans and the people want to see…let em go at it.