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Barstool New York Comments Of The Week

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So that idiot Beardo has like 2 jobs. 1) Post hot chicks. 2) Compile the best comments for Comments of the Week. Like 3 weeks in a row now I email Beardo and he says “I left them on my other computer at home.” I don’t even know what the fuck that means. So once again I’m throwing this together on Friday afternoon, when MailTime has already set in hardcore. Here’s a quick top 4 and then keep reading, I got a new idea for this feature.

Blog – Michael Douglas Got Throat Cancer From Going Down On Chicks – Commenter: GunnerStahl – “I have cancer of the face” To the average Stoolie perusing the comments section, this comment doesn’t make much sense. But you see if you’re a diehard you know that GunnerStahl’s shtick is that he’s an Icelandic dude that likes all sorts of men and women to sit on his face. So now you get it. Gunnerstahl had cancerous pussies sit on his face. Welcome to the comments section.

Blog – Skinny Protesters Show Up At Abercrombie And Fitch To Rally For The Fats - Commenter: Scanman – Feits is always like, “clancy lets go to abercrombie”, and KFC says, “none of their clothes fit me…” Its funny because Feits dresses like a gay and I’m fat. Two birds with one stone here.

Blog: MILF Hunter: Stroke of Genius – The Meteoric Rise and Fall Of Shawn Rees – Here’e the best few comments from the previous blog. I don’t know what it is but when I write nostalgic porn blogs the comments start rolling in and they are all GOLD. I don’t know if thats a good or bad thing or what that says about all of us but here they are:

gunghobuttguy – “The milf hunter is single handedly responsible for destroying not one, not two, but three of my parents computers when I was growing up.”

5280 – “as a highschooler in the early 00?s, you grew up on this… and you fucking waited 45 minutes to watch 1 minute of dialogue and you fucking liked it.”

Numero Two – “When is the Mike’s Apartment documentary coming out? Combining getting laid with savvy real estate moves has movie written all over it.”

Dontyaknow – “Besides my own…I’ve seen the hunters dick more than anybody…still a legend”

Blog - Absolutely Hilarious 1975 Masturbation PSA - Commenter: Cantgetthestinkout - “Grow up, kid. Have your mother walk in on you with your dick stuffed in the business end of a vacuum with your finger buried in your ass and then get back to me. This is kid’s stuff.” Plain and simple if you’ve never tried to stick you dick in a vacuum  you’re a prude.

Comment of the week:

Blog – Dude Beaten To Death By His Friends And Set On Fire In A “Human Barbecue” At His Bachelor Party - Commenter: FireWhiteSoxDave’s Stupid Ass – “When is whitesoxdave’s bachelor party? I’ll bring the marshmallows” People really just wanna set WSD on fire and watch him die a slow, slow death.

Alright so now that we’ve called me fat and Feits gay and killed WhiteSoxDave, lets talk business. Commenters always say they could do a better job with this feature so lets put your money where you mouth is. Each week I’ll pick one commenter to pick out the best 5 comments of the week. Obviously you can’t be a loser and pick comments you left yourself. By the Common Man, For the Common Man, lets put it into action. Who wants to be the first?