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Norah Jones, Warren Haynes, Grace Potter and More Are Doing A John Prine Tribute Show On IG Live Today

I got an email forwarded to me this morning and wanted to share it with the masses. Norah Jones, Warren Haynes, Grace Potter and a few dozen others are jamming out on IG live today in tribute to the Mailman from Maywood, John Prine today at 1pm CST on Consequence of Sound's IG page. 

Here is the official event flyer:

and here is the link to the stream:

I've been talking about John Prine a LOT this week and for very good reason. That guy was as good a poet as there has ever been and his death really, really hit me hard. I am not embellishing when I say that I have listened to him almost NON STOP since his passing.  Goddamn could he write a song.  At worst, you can check this 'concert' out and quell Saturday afternoon quarantine boredom. At best, you're introduced to a whole new world of musicians and fall in love with one or more of them.  Win/win 


Most people know who Norah Jones and Warren Hayes are I'd assume, but if you don't they've both won like a billion Grammy awards. I've said it before, but I'd put Norah Jones right up at the top as the best female vocalist of all time. Her voice is just so incredible in every way. Press play on this playlist:

and then when you're done, get nice on some Warren Haynes:

I'm less familiar with him, but a Stoolie sent him to me last night ironically enough and I immediately fell in love with his music. Dude can tear apart a guitar. 

So that's that. This would be a great way to quell Saturday afternoon quarantine boredom IMO, so I wanted to spread the word. For more info, check out this article.


Enjoy! (President Trump voice)