Barstool Combine Showdown - KFC vs. The Old Lady In The Walker Strolling By The Park

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Step right up, folks! Place your bets! Who had a better day athletically at the Barstool Combine – KFC the 28 year old man, or The Old Lady With The Walker at the 14 Minute Mark of the video? I’ll be honest – for a handicapped senior citizen she was absolutely flyingI think I would still beat her in the 40 yard dash only because that walker didn’t look like an all-terrain sort of mechanism. She would have been bouncing all over the place on that grass field. She would probably take me in the 3 Cone Drill. I think a stone statue could beat me in the 3 Cone Drill. And the broad jump. Welp, that would be a toss up. Not sure if that old bitch has the balance to stick the landing on 2 feet but I bet she could jump as far as me. Who ya got?? Roll tape!

Bro Show Episode 3 featuring Todd McShay, Gracie doing the Wobble, and KFC with the sickest Prancercise you’ve ever seen. I may have lost the Combine but I definitely won the Prancercise Challenge.

PS – Thank God I did my manscaping a couple days prior to this. If I had to take my shirt off at full growth I don’t think Youtube would have allowed it to be uploaded.