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Mayor Lori Lightfoot Is On Patrol. She Drove Around Herself Last Night Telling People To Go Home

(via blockclub)--“I personally drove around yesterday, and I was up on the North Side, in the 50th Ward, and I’ll continue to do that,” Lightfoot said. “I told people that I saw gathering in clusters not abiding by the social distancing rules to break it up. Yes. And I’ll continue to do that. 

Lori Legend continues to do her thing and is dominating the internet. She took matters into her own hands and car last night. Driving around, busting up people who weren't properly distancing themselves. Love this move. Love it so much because...I've always wanted to citizen arrest someone. I was talking to WSD yesterday and I told him my biggest regret from our interview with her on Monday was that I didn't ask if she could deputize me on the spot and empower me to kick ass and take names. I want to walk around Ukrainian Village and West Town as a defacto sheriff. Armed with nothing but a bull horn and yell at people to move it along and disperse. Has to be an awesome feeling. Lori Lightfoot knows it too and that's why she did it. Nobody has done a better job on social media through this crisis than the Mayor. Meme sensation, Lori Legend.