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Hipsters Complaining About Poser-Hipsters Invading Brooklyn

WILLIAMSBURGBridge-and-tunnel traffic has been reversed as less-than-hip Manhattanites now flock to Williamsburg, ruining the scene for locals, residents complain. Ever since he moved to North Williamsburg a few years ago, Michael Chandler has lost some of his favorite undiscovered bars to hordes of weekend “flipsters.” “They’re poser hipsters. They come from the city or from New Jersey to come play hipster for the weekend,” said Chandler, 26, of the term. “There’s some weird touristy draw… All the cool bars that used to be not crowded are now crowded by weekenders.” The explosive popularity of bars on the Williamsburg waterfront and near McCarren Park — and the opening of higher-end spots targeting tourists and visitors from outside Brooklyn — have spurred such a nightlife shift that many local partiers are avoiding certain blocks altogether when Friday night rolls around. “You know how it is here — once places become too cool and popular, you ditch them and try to find the next place,” laughed Chandler of the local mindset, adding that prices had gone up with the influx of outsiders. “I just like cheap beer.”  “The people who actually live on this block don’t go to these places. I don’t go to the Wythe, I don’t go to Output,” said Wythe Avenue resident Kate, 26, who declined to give her last name but said she’d lived on the stretch for the past two years and was dismayed by the changes. “I have friends who come in from Manhattan to walk around or go to the Brooklyn Flea,” she said of the weekly waterfront market. “And I’m like, ‘Just because you want your touristy fix one day doesn’t mean I can hang out [with you].’ I live here all the time.”

Here is the hierarchy of hipster assholes I hate:

3. Hipsters

2. Poser Hipsters

1. Hipsters who complain about Poser Hipsters

Now please understand I hate all three of these categories with the fire of a thousand suns. All a bunch of fucking assholes. But I have a shred of respect for your average hipster who lives out in Brooklyn and dresses like an idiot and listens to weird music and shit.  To each his own. They probably hate me for being an Upper East Side bro type. But anyone who travels into Brooklyn to pretend to be a doofus is 1,000 times worse than your average hipster. And the only thing worse than that are the hipsters who get furious over it. Like you can only listen to certain types of music or dress a certain way or live in a certain part of the city if you’ve been some non-conformist asshole for an extended period of time. You listen to Lana Del Ray and Foster the People which isn’t really hipster so you’re fake hipster! Christ almighty thats the douchiest thing I’ve ever heard. Absolutely mind boggling that these Williamsburg assholes are so concerned with other people and how they act and what they do for fun. Newsflash to all the hipsters and poser hipsters – nobody who’s normal likes you. At all. You’re the only dickheads who worry about how other people dress and what they listen to and where they go and what the eat and what they drink. You should all join forces and be friends because the rest of the natural world hates your fucking guts.