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Only So Much One Man Can Do

Well its hard to win when literally every other person on your team takes off the first 2 and a half quarters of a game. Throw in a horribly officiated game and its a recipe for disaster for a team on the road in the playoffs.

Had Shumpert or Cope showed up a little earlier, who knows how this plays out. If Felton doesn’t have his worst game of the season, maybe things go differently. If Tyson Chandler wasn’t a frail shell of his former self, if JR Smith doesn’t go 4/15, if Jason Kidd wasn’t 200 years old, if Kenyon Martin wasn’t…Kenyon fucking Martin, maybe we’d go 7. Tonight was a perfect example of my point about Carmelo’s supporting cast from earlier this week. The dude did absolutely everything he could tonight to keep them in this game. A horrible 4th quarter ruined what could have been an MVP type performance, but for like 30 fucking minutes of play he was the only dude on the court playing at a 2 seed level. Carmelo took a rag tag squad of old and injured guys and a couple young bucks as far as he could. But only so much one man can do.