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Reward Posted For Chaps' Missing Truck

Anyone who has ever had their vehicle stolen or broken into can relate to the feeling of anger and hopelessness when your brain finally pieces together what happened at the scene of the crime. 

For Chaps, his moment of total despair was the morning after delivering a delicious cake for a friend's birthday. No good deed goes unpunished. 

I've never had my vehicle completely stolen, but I did have my 1996 Toyota Tacoma broken into many times before moving to NYC. The thieves didn't have much to choose from if they couldn't get the truck hot wired. A few coins in the console, maybe a pair of sunglasses if they're lucky. The only damage that could be assessed was a smashed window and busted John Mayer CD. Daughters isn't my favorite song either, but this was no longer a break-in, it was now a hate crime. 

Justice was never served to the people that broke into my truck, that's why any person with info that leads to a postive ID of the Chap's perp will be rewarded with a burnt CD consisting of any song(s) from the early 2000's. *CD must be under 90 min*