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Smokeshow Hall of Famer Kacie McDonnell On KFC Radio This Week

There’s only one way to follow up last week’s episode with Jay Cutler, and thats to bring you the most famous Local Smoke in Barstool history, Kacie McDonnell. Kacie started out as Miss Pennsylvania, eventually won Smokeshow of the Year on Barstool U, now has found her way to Fox 29 in Philly, and tomorrow night will be her biggest moment of her career – sitting down to talk to three completely average, overly awkward dudes via webcam! Its moments like this that can really catapult a girl into superstardom.

Call the Barstool Hotline for tomorrows episode – (646)-807-8665. Leave voicemails for Kacie, me, Big Cat, Feits. Whatever you want. Or tweet any questions or comments to @KFCBarstool  or @KFCradio. Make sure you follow Kacie on Twitter @KacieFox29 and tune in tomorrow night to watch her make us feel nervous and flustered while we blush like virgins.