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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Sex Offender Who Posed As A Police Officer To Sneak Into Rikers Island Because He Thought It Was Nice And They Made Him Feel Important There?

NY Post- Manhattan prosecutors are happy to accommodate the bizarre obsession of a corrections buff accused of sneaking into jails in four boroughs — telling a judge yesterday that they want him to stay behind bars for 10 years. Matthew Matagrano, 36, posed as a correction officer and repeatedly tried to sneak into jails because the people inside were “nice,” he explained to cops, according to police statements released as he pleaded not guilty yesterday to felony burglary in Manhattan Supreme Court. “I went in because they’re nice . . .” he told cops last month.“They give me food,” Matagrano added, according the statements. “They made me feel important.” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel doubled Matagrano’s bail to $100,000 and ordered that the suspect get medical attention. He may face additional, sex-related charges by then, said a source familiar with the case. “He’s under a number of medications for a number of issues,” said defense lawyer Carlos Martir.

Making a sex offender “feel important” in Riker’s Island is just code talk for “they fucked him,” right? Thats all that can possibly mean. You don’t go to Rikers Island for the food. You go there to get fucked by convicts. Thats why most people dread Rikers Island – the forcible anal sex. But if you’re down with that whole scene, you’re happier than a pig in shit. Officer Farva here just strapped on a fake badge, strolled into Rikers, and was instantly the belle of the ball. Its similar to a chubby chaser at fat camp. Tons of fat chicks in tents is a nightmare for most dudes. But if you like that sorta thing, fat camp is heaven on earth. Same deal for a perverted sex offender in Rikers. Its like spring break for this sick son of a bitch.