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CeeDee Lamb Was Asked About the OU Quarterbacks He Played With On Instagram Live While Kyler Murray Was In the Chat

While on an Instagram Live Q&A, Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb was asked which of the three quarterbacks he played with at OU — Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray or Jalen Hurts — he would take in a do-or-die one game scenario. The only problem was that Murray was in the comment section watching live.

I'm sure the answer might have been Kyler, given the fact I think we can all eliminate Jalen Hurts. He was a fine ballplayer in college, but he was not on the level of the other two Heisman winners and No. 1 overall picks. Personally, my answer would be Baker, but I obviously don't have the insight Lamb does — I do have the insight of having been in Neyland Stadium when Mayfield led Oklahoma back from down 17-0 to win in 2OT, though, and that's enough for me.

When you look at Mayfield's and Murray's best season, they're virtually identical. Mayfield tallied 4,627 passing yards and 43 touchdowns in 2017 before Murray followed that up with 4,361 passing yards and 42 touchdowns in 2018 — not a bad replacement option to have in your back pocket.

Murray seems pretty confident in the fact that he would be Lamb's choice no matter what, though. But regardless of who Lamb's quarterback was, all he did was make plays in college and will likely do the same thing in the NFL. He and Jerry Jeudy are in a class unto themselves at the wide receiver position in this year's NFL Draft.