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So We Are Just Gonna Play With These Guys?

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 5.02.32 PM

Well the trade deadline has come and gone and we made no last minute deals. What does this mean? It means we are probably going to play out the rest of the year with what we have. We will get Granderson back at some point soon which could give us a boost offensively to win some of these 1 run games we have been losing. Then again we can just pray that we make a wavier deal in the next month.

Deals We Should Have Made/Still Make:

  • Third Base: Once this ARod shit is done be the end of the week we will know where we stand on appelas and have a better idea about what Youk is doing in rehab. If we need Micheal Young, we should clean house and get him.
  • Hughes: He isn’t coming back to the Bronx next year and realistically I am a better option to go out there every 5th day at home. We need to get Pineda ready to go in the next month and get Hughes through waivers so we get anything back.
  • Joba: Just get the fuck off my team. All he is good for is letting me know that if he is in the game I can turn it off. I don’t care if it is a bag of balls and a stack of lunch meat for the clubhouse. Just get the fuck out.

This is what we get with the new 2nd Wild Card. 22 teams are in the running for the playoffs and everyone isn’t selling just yet.

I am going to Panama for the weekend so when the ARod shit happens KFC will be all over it because he is still heart broken ARod picked Texas over the Mets.