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Wake Up With Some Basketball Prayers

Morning everybody, happy Saturday. As you know, times are tough right now. Life couldn't be more stressful, people are on edge, quarantine brain is starting to prove itself as a worthy adversary and sometimes you just need a good old fashioned prayer. Maybe in your life that's opening the fridge and finding a random beer that had been hiding in the back. Maybe it's waking up and realizing that while you were fucked up last night you took care of sober you in the morning and have left over pizza on the counter. Never underestimate the power of a good prayer in life.

Well the same applies to the basketball court. Nothing like a good prayer to get the blood pumping and bring a smile to your face. We've had our fair share of those prayers this season so I figured someone out there might need a smile on their face today. Maybe you root for one of these players that experienced it. Maybe you were in the arena that night and just need something to take your mind off life and bring some joy to your morning. So here we go, the best prayers of the 2019-20 season. 

let's have ourselves a day and not even consider going outside. Can't wait.