Man. Here I am. Sitting in my Arlington VA apartment. 30 degrees outside. Pay out my ass to live here. Meanwhile you can live in an awesome beach city in a house directly on the beach for half the price. Watching that video makes it so insane anyone lives North of the Mason-Dixon line. I’m below it an want to move even more South. No need for this sub-freezing bullshit they call weather (and I don’t even leave my apartment Monday-Friday). The worst people are the people who talk about “but we get all 4 seasons!”. Stick those seasons up your ass, retard. Nobody needs seasons. Ever hear anyone in San Diego complain about “seasonal depression”? No? Why not? Because it’s hard to get sad when it’s 80 and sunny every damn day. It’s insane that anyone lives here. Time to win the lottery and move to the beach. Maybe to Florida. Heard there’s a great restaurant where you can get served by a former playwright.