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A Bench Player From MSU Hoops Posted His Practice Highlights On Twitter For The Haters After Hitting The Transfer Portal

Some people may call this guy a hardo or a loser for doing this. I love this move. No one gets shit on more than walk-ons or bench players in college hoops. Everyone thinks they are just some bums that can't play and are perhaps 'the coach's son.' My guy Braden Burke is out here to show the haters he can play. 20 points per game in high school! Look at these post moves in practice! 

Plus we're in the middle of a pandemic, how else are you going to get your film out to the world? You can't just talk to coaches in person. You have to put that shit out there, rack up some likes, tell everyone your game is on point and then start the virtual meetings with coaches. Just A+ marketing. That's the only possible way for coaches to see that silky smooth jump hook. I'll tell you what though. Kind of a bad look for Marcus Bingham, who just got his ass kicked in the post on drop steps and jump hooks. Get a stop for me on time, Marcus. 

The only move I would have loved more than this is if he spliced in high school highlights and/or him just busting regular dudes ass. Show up to the rec center and just start dominating. Put in a couple clips of that to really get the point across. Just an A+ move when you transfer. Good luck questioning his playing ability, haters.