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Tim Kurkjian Heard That Major League Baseball Could Play Their Season in Japan This Year....Umm Excuse Me?

My brain hurts. Is that a real clip or have I lost my mind completely? 

I've been open and receptive to just about every idea thrown out there in order to bring baseball back this year. No fans, a bio-dome in Arizona, seven inning games, no dugouts, pegging, aliens, you name it and I can find it in my heart to get on board for the sake of just watching baseball. Then Tim Kurkjian went on SportsCenter tonight and casually dropped that he heard the season could be played in Japan this year. Yup, that Japan. The one in Asia. LMAO how is that a real suggestion? That's just complete and utter chaos. Kurkjian couldn't even bring himself to report it two weeks ago because it was so wild. And then you think about it and maybe it could? They've got 12 stadiums over there, 6 of them being domes. It's so dumb and outlandish that maybe it could work? 

Shut up Eric you dumb idiot listen to yourself speak. 

How? I mean how would this possibly work? Listen I'm trying to stay positive here and I was already trying to think about dealing with Pacific time the entire season in Arizona, but now we're talking Japan? Right now as I write this blog it's 12:02 in the morning on Saturday. It's 1:02 PM in Japan. According to Kurkjian these games would be during the day over there so they'd be starting right about now if not a tad earlier. There just wouldn't be sleeping in 2020. To be honest my bed time during this quarantine has been around 5am as it is, so this would at least give me something to watch instead of Netflix. Maybe the baseball guys would work from 12am to 5pm everyday and then sleep until midnight to adjust. Why am I even doing this to myself? I now have a migraine. 

I've sold myself on just about every idea, but this has about a 0.000000001% of working. It's disrespectful I even gave it a percentage chance. There's just no fucking shot unless I'm missing something obvious here. 

The horrible thing about hope is that you trick yourself into believing everything because you just want it to happen so bad. If Passan went on ESPN tomorrow and said he heard rumblings of an outer space league I'm sure an hour later my dumb brain could convince itself that's happening. I mean an outer space league in a dome would be absolute fire. Maybe something to think about once the season resumes. Little contingency plan for the next great plague.