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No One Wants To Keep The Fish Alive That Dave Receives In His Unboxings More Than My Father, No One

As soon as Dave received Randolph in his unboxing the other day my Dad (big nerd, marine biologist) texted me right away with instructions for Dave. 

I mean nobody, nobody wants to keep Randolph more than alive than my Dad. 

So the second Dave received A SECOND FISH, it was like clockwork my Dad hit me up.

So yes, Dave, you can put Randolph and the Albino Rainbow Shark together in Randolph's Palatial Estate, just know that he might nip Randolph's fins if you don't feed him well..

Unboxing is still going… 130 packages in as of 9:50 pm.

p.s my Dad was on PMT for a Barstool Gold episode if you want to learn more. #niceplug

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