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Pressure Is All On The Rangers Tonight Back At MSG

These first two games of the Stanley Cup Final have been the world’s highest, fastest roller coaster of emotion for Blueshirts fans – a roller coaster that’s derailed, crashed & burned each time. From a hockey perspective though, these two teams have been evenly matched. As much as the Kings deserve their two wins, both could’ve gone the other way very easily. Forget all the calls, non-calls or whatever else at this point. You can find a number of opportunities the Rangers either handed to LA or couldn’t cash in themselves. If Hags buries a breakaway in the last minute of the third of Game 1 or Kreider in OT of Game 2, this series has a completely different tone. Say what you want about “almosts” – but the fact of the matter is NY hasn’t been dominated. They’ve been on the cusp twice but have yet to hang on. To make this a series again, MSG has to be the difference. Home ice needs to be what pushes this squad over the hump.

Of course, they’ll need to correct how sloppy they’ve been with the puck at times too. Senseless giveaways have been what’s allowed the Kings to linger & eventually win a pair without leading for a single second of game play. The speed, pressure, scoring, defense, goaltending – all of that has been there for the Rangers. The Kings have just smashed through the door any time NY has left it open a crack. Richards, Stepan, Girardi & others have all been guilty, but the margin for error is almost non-existent now. If the 2012 champs take it from the Blueshirts, I’m not happy but can deal with it. Nothing can be free though.  With all the series comebacks we’ve seen this post-season, count the Rangers out all you want – but until they drop one on Broadway, this Cup is still up for grabs. A win tonight sends that message loud & clear.