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I Should've Known The Rangers Abide By, Not ABC, But NBC - Never Be Closing


Well, so much for yesterday’s Alec Baldwin-inspired motivation. TWELVE straight losses when playing with a series lead. TWELVE! Not 4, not 9…12!

Maybe it was my fault. Maybe I shouldn’t have used Goose from Top Gun’s name in vain when trash talking Smitty about how the Flyers would crash & burn. Maybe after a dominant (but empty) first 5 minutes by the Blueshirts, I shouldn’t have tweeted the Flyers letting them know the game started. I should know that, being associated with Barstool, you turn into insta-mush. That’s on me.

The birthday boy Dan Girardi didn’t do his team any favors though. Neither did a power play that’s now ZERO for its last TWENTY. At this point, it’s not even missed opportunities – they could barely establish the zone. AV needs to get Raphael Diaz on the ice. When he filled in for John Moore, he brought some welcome aggressiveness & decisive puck movement. Something’s gotta be done for a spark. Apparently forwards like Rick “1 G, 1 PPA In 18 NYR Playoff Games” Nash aren’t the answer.

I’m honestly not worried about Hank in a Game 7. He’s played 4 of them and won the last 3 by surrendering just a goal or less in each. His lone loss was in ’09 by a 2-1 score. Lundqvist will be ready. Getting yanked had little to do with him. Will his top defensive pairing be ready too? Can his team put up a crooked number at MSG? Cash in on a crucial man advantage? After handing Philly all the momentum in the world going into a do-or-die matchup, they fucking better. LET’S GO RANGERS!