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The Story Of When Our Tour Bus Was Sliding Down A Mountain And We Were 1 Inch From Going Over

Marc from OAR was the special guest on Friday Night Pints presented by GrubHub tonight. And while on with Kevin and John, the story of me going on a west coast tour swing with them came up. I flew out to Oregon and took the tour bus down to California. Well one venue in Cali is called "Mountain Winery". And it's exactly as the name says, a winery on a mountain.

It's fucking gorgeous, but tour busses aren't great on mountain roads, as you could imagine.

So after the show that night, we're back on the tour bus making our way to the next stop in Orange County. Some people are in their bunks, some are hanging out as our bus is inching down the road, and then, happened....

Marc explained it perfectly. It felt like the "kick" in Inception. As our bus driver explained it the next day, we were incredibly, incrediblyyyy close to going over. Top 5 scariest moments of my life. We survived though, and man, that venue is fantastic. Hopefully when this whole thing clears up we can do another show there But maybe leave the bus at the bottom of the mountain and take cars up and down. 


Definitely go watch the full stream, you get Rone, these looney tunes,

Keith talking about what happened with Ethan today,

and more from Marc. Plus I talk about what happened with me and Dave today.