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Comcast Does It Again! Woman Talked to 39 Different Technicians About Fixing Her Service, Then Received a Bill Addressed to "Super Bitch"

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PM - Now comes another PR disaster: A different employee renamed a different customer “Super Bitch.” Mary Bauer reportedly called Comcast a few times about cable reception issues. To finally get things working right required speaking to 39 Comcast technicians. Then she stopped getting bills. Well, for a while. She finally started getting them again, finding that Comcast had decided Mary Bauer wasn’t that great a name and changing it to “Super Bitch” instead.


Hilarious. I don’t even think I hate Comcast anymore. (I mean I do, they are my least favorite corporation on the planet, edging out ISIS) Comcast is such a terrible, horrific company that you can only laugh. They don’t give a SHIT about reputation, customer service, making sure their product actually works correctly, nothing. You pay them your money, they take a steaming shit on your face, and you call it a day.


I hope renaming customers is their new thing. It’s like those themed restaurants where the waiters and waitresses are assholes to you the entire time, that’s Comcast, except you don’t really expect it from them. It’s like Comcast is just one big inside-joke with themselves and nobody else is in on it. They have meetings and conferences where they discuss how bad they can treat their customers and how much money they can make while doing it.