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Did Danny Amendola Break A Chick's Arm Arm Wrestling Last Night At Harvard?






Pics from Brobible


So Brobible has this big story today about how the Patriots partied a a Finals Club at Harvard.   That part of the story is boring.  The Bruins used to party there as well.   The end of the story is not.  Amendola supposedly broke a chick’s arm while arm wrestling.   We did get 1 email yesterday that said the same thing with no context  and Brobible’s source seems to be real.  To be honest I don’t really care about Amendola part of the story either.  I’m just pissed that Brobible somehow got this story instead of us.  Such a slap in the face.  I guard the wall all month and this is the thanks I get?  I want whoever sent this tip in dragged to BSS HQ’s and stoned to death.  Not in our back yard you don’t. Like you just have to be an absolute mega squid to send a story like this to them instead of us when you go to school in MA.    So Harvard it hurts.  Biggest losers in the game.


PS – I’d like to challenge this chick who got her arm broke to an arm wrestling match.  What a pussy…