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Ghostface Killah (Apparently Performing In a Middle School Cafeteria) Wants To Fight Fan In The Crowd


All I know is when Ghostface Killah is performing at what looks like a middle school talent show, it is probably not in your best interest to give him the finger and tell him to eat a dick all night. You know Mr. Killah isn’t going to kill you himself, but if you don’t think he has people to take care of you, you’re nuts. You don’t get the name “Ghostface Killah” by having a gentlemanly chat over glasses of pinot and plates of cheese. More baffling is someone who would go to a show and then just scream at the person on stage the whole time. Solid use of time. Killah is just trying to get through some Wu hits without having to murder a person in the crowd.

Pretty hilarious the crowd just starts punching the shit out of that guy and he has no self defense. Doesn’t throw a punch, is just begging for security to drag him out. Pretty sure even a whitey got a punch in. Makes us look AWESOME. Thanks whitey!


PS: Everyone in the crowd looks like they are still in 1995. Poor people in Texas, love it. Still using huge digital cameras too, and hardly an iPhone as far as the eyes can see.