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JaVale McGee Jokingly Calls Steph Curry A Ball Hog But He Might Have A Point

Steph Curry is called a lot of things when it comes to basketball. Greatest shooter ever is what you hear most, but maybe JaVale McGee is onto something here. Maybe Steph has turned into a ball hog recently. Not because he wouldn't give McGee the ball to shoot threes, JaVale went a stellar 0-9 from three in his two years in GS and is just 4-18 from three in his two years in LA. But is there any other evidence to support his claim? 

The numbers will surprise you. We all know what happened in that 2016-17 season, the Warriors added Kevin Durant. Last time I checked that's a guy who can score. Well, what if I told you that Curry's 6.7 assists that season were the lowest he's had since the 2011 season? Not only that, but his 31.2% AST% was also the lowest since the 2012 season. All while his 30.1% Usage was the second highest of his career. So, to recap, the first year McGee was on that team we saw Curry have one of his highest usages ever and his lowest assist numbers in years. Interesting.

But what about 2017-18? You guessed it, Curry's assists dipped once again to 6.1 a game. His AST% dropped to 30.3%. His usage? Well that went up to 31.0%, the highest of his career up until that point. Higher than when he won his MVPs! I think this is really when JaVale was talking about because Curry's 3PAr skyrocketed to a career high (at the time) 58%. Seems like he was more concerned with letting it fly from deep than creating for his teammates. 

Maybe this is part of the reason Kevin Durant left. He couldn't stand to play with a ball hog like Steph. Think about it, Durant left Westbrook in OKC, someone who has been called a ball hog as well a time or two. Really makes you think.