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Taking You Into The Weekend Tracy McGrady's Career High 62 Points

One of the few positives of this time without real basketball to watch is we all have way more time to hop in a time machine and immerse ourselves in some all time classic NBA moments. It's not the worst way to scratch your basketball itch and I've found myself throwing these full games on my TV as background noise while I do other things. The NBA is releasing a ton of these early 2000 games on YouTube and frankly it's bullshit that they've had this type of image quality of old games yet always kept it to themselves. You ever try and watch anything not from the NBA on YouTube from the early 2000s? May as well have been filmed with a potatoe. 

So last night while I was making another batch of matzah ball soup for dinner I had this game playing on my laptop. Nothing like some vintage Orlando TMac and the time he went nuts for 62 points against the Wizards back in 2004. He finished with 62/10/5 on 20-37 shooting in 45:50 of action which I think we can all agree is pretty ridiculous. Looking back, that Orlando team was so bad finishing with a 21-61 record. This would end up being TMac's last season in ORL, he won a scoring title, and became a Rocket the next season. I feel confident in saying that prime TMac could go toe to toe with any scorer in the league and was one of the most entertaining talents to watch in the early-mid 2000s. 

So go ahead and throw this game on while you spend another quarantine Friday night inside. Truly one of the most dominant offensive performances of that era.