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College Bro Arrested For Re-Enacting Fifty Shades Of Grey Scenes With The Girl He Brought Back To His Dorm

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USA Today - A University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) student was charged on Monday with aggravated criminal sexual assault after re-enacting scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Mohammad Hossain, freshman studying bio-nuclear engineering at UIC, committed the crime on Saturday, Feb. 21, after bringing a 19-year-old female, also a UIC student, to his dorm room.

The two had previously been intimate, said Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Karr.

Prosecutors said Hossain bound the female’s hands and legs and covered her mouth with a necktie, which was then followed by hitting her with a belt. The woman cried asking Hossain to stop multiple times.

Authorities say Houssain started punching the victim, which then led to sexually assaulting her.

Hossain’s roommate arrived at the dorm after the crime. Prosecutors said Hossain blocked the door, preventing his roommate from entering.

Hossain posted a Facebook status nearly an hour after the committed was crime stating, “I’m finally satisfied.”

Hossain was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. set a $500,000 bail, according to authorities.

Authoriites said Hossain was involved with several leadership programs at UIC and was a member of UIC Student Alumni Ambassadors and the triathlon team.



How about this nerd?  Bro I don’t think you get how this 50 Shades of Grey stuff works.  It’s supposed to be pleasurable for both people, a weird but super erotic fetish and fantasy act between two consenting people.  There’s even contracts and shit.  What you got here is basically just rape and assault.  Like you tied a girl up and painfully sexually assaulted her against her will, while she was crying and begging you to stop.  Absolutely nothing sexy about that you freak.

At least he felt bad about it afterwards?


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Bio-nuclear engineering major and triathlon club, can’t believe this kid turned out to be a weirdo.