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It's Friday Night, Let's Get Nuts and Play Some Quarter Horses

Listen, I fully admit that I don't play a ton of quarter horses. They tend to be chalky and they're running at night for the most part, after I've already had my fill for the day. Having said that, I decided to browse the card at Los Alamitos tonight. I did that for a few reasons. First, their Pick Fours are not .50 cents, they're $1.00. Second of all, because quarters tend to be chalky, even a price like 8-1 can be a nice hit on a $1 Pick Four. When I looked at the card, the early Pick Four looked useless, but the late one interested me. Two races that basically are up in the air, followed by two of the heaviest favorites of the night. That combination gives me the chance to play an inexpensive ticket an be alive for a bit of a price if we can hit one in the first and/or second leg of this thing. I put the ticket together and came up with a $36 Pick Four at Los Al, which is very reasonable and live for some prices in the first half. Here it is:

*And yes, I know I've selected three horses with "Corona" in their name. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad omen, but it is what it is.*

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