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2 Years Ago, Andre Ingram Checked Into The NBA And Became A Lakers Legend

Kobe, Shaq, Magic, Kareem, there have been Lakers Legends throughout the years. But do you remember Andre Ingram who put on an unbelieve debut 2 years ago against the Rockets? The 32 year old spent 10 years in the G-League, worked as math tutor on the side, and eventually got his name called up by the Lakers towards the end of the season to put on a performance. And holy shit was it a performance!

19 Points in 29 minutes, 4-5 for 3's, 3 boards and 3 blocks?? It's not everyday you see someone in the NBA with gray hair be so BENT! I couldn't imagine the goosebumps he was feeling, especially when his first career shot was a 3 ball!

I love rewatching this moment. Undrafted, last round pick of the G-League draft, Andre showed how being humble and working your ass off can lead to something that will forever go down in history. He's also 5th in All-Time Scoring in the D-League, and won the D-League 3 Point Contest in 2010 and 2016. Andre Ingram, ladies and gentlemen.